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Linewave Inc.
Edmonton AB


Android, Windows, macOS,
Chrome, FireFox, Safari,
Opera, MS Edge


Distant Family is a parent controlled web site that directly connects the browsers between families and their children. The site provides a safe and secure video chat environment for families to stay in touch and play over a private Internet connection. With Distant Family, there are no public rooms, no ads to children, no "friends", and no strangers. Parents create rooms and secure the connection before children begin the chat. Once the video chat begins, Distant Family provides a growing list of activities to entertain parent and child during the conversation.

How it works

Distant Family uses a browser technology called WebRTC that allows for browsers to directly connect usually without routing through an intermediary server. The connection between browsers is always fully encrypted using the same browser encryption technology that is used for banking. This means conversations cannot be intercepted or viewed by anyone. Child online safety is the primary concern of creating Distant Family to begin with.

Distant Family is parent controlled. To start a new video chat, a room is created that only exists while the parent is accessing it. We call this parent the caller. While the room is open, the caller notifies the child via a text message or phone call, of what the room id is. (Of course we recognize that the child will likely be with another parent at this point). With the room id, the child can then go to the room and either enter a code or take their picture. The caller parent verifies their child in the picture and opens the room for video chat. With a paid subscription, families can reserve their room id. But as before, the room only exists when the parent is logged in.


Site features

  • Secured conversations, end-to-end
  • Parent controlled
  • No ads to children
  • 2-way video chat
  • Room name reservations

Chat features

  • 2-player, child-oriented games
  • Room decorating
  • Video animation overlays
  • Save snapshots
  • Text messaging

Screen Shots

Main page

Parent opens room

Child enters

Child takes pic

Parent accepts

Await connection


Big Chat





Web Addresses

Main address: https://distant.family/

About Linewave Inc.

Linewave Inc is a Canadian registered corporation, operating out of Edmonton Alberta. Until recently Linewave focused on contract programming in the Edmonton area. Distant Family™ was developed by Linewave Inc in 2016 and is now the primary focus of operations.


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