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Ideal for families who are apart from their loved ones.
Safe. Private. Parent controlled.

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  • Parent controlled
  • No public access
  • Full encryption
  • No ads to children


  • Desktop computers
  • Modern browsers
  • Javascript Required


  • Video chat
  • Text msg window
  • Play games together
  • Parent-only features

Why Distant Family™ Video Chat Exists

Distant Family™ exists because the founder wanted to play online games with his kid but didn't want them going into public game rooms. So why not create a video chat environment that exists only when the parent is logged in and is controlled completely by the parent?

How Family Video Chat Works

We connect browsers directly to create a video chat environment that is fully secure. As a parent, you initiate the conversation and send your child a web address. With the guidance of another adult, your child uses that address to access your private room. When they visit your room they can enter a code, or take their picture. You will receive the picture or code to initiate the video chat.

Safety Benefits of Distant Family™

Distant.Family allows you to create a video chat room with no public features. There is no public lobby, no room/user lists, and no messages or requests from strangers. When a parent creates a room, they verify their child before the chat actually opens. Children visiting site will only be able to access the chat created by their parent.