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Why families need a different kind of social networking site

We've all heard the news and criticisms about popular social networking sites. As adults, we can handle and mitigate our use of such sites to our own satisfaction. But you might be concerned about introducing your child to the online world before they are really ready for it.

There are plenty of online services for private video chatting, but for other activities, like games, online services come with risks. You might be concerned about the advertisements a site could show, or where outgoing links might lead. There are also tracking risks, as well as strangers. Your family might be interested in something just for you, without an entire Internet that is tracking and targeting you with ads, data mining, etc.

Those concerns are why Distant Family was created.

If you are away from your kids and want to play some games with them, Distant Family provides a way to do it within a restricted environment. Distant Family does not use third party services unless absolutely necessary. What does "absolutely necessary" mean? For starters, it means no ads, no social network connections, and no external traffic analysis.

As you might expect, the world and the Internet is a complicated place, and there are times when we need a third party tool. When it is absolutely necessary, we'll be up front about what we use and why.

Coming soon then, will be our tech page, where we'll go into greater detail on those issues. Stay tuned and keep up with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Take a look at the demo or sign up, and start having fun today.

April 1, 2019
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