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Distant family safe video chat for family

Open a private family room

Open a private video chat room


  • Video chat
  • Activities
  • Play games together
  • Parent-only features


  • Parent controlled
  • No public access
  • Full encryption
  • No ads to children


  • Desktop computers
  • Modern browsers
  • Android
Check your browser
Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. For macOS/iOS, use Safari.

How it works


Open a new Distant Family room when you are away from your family


Send the room link to the adult attending your child


When they open the link you can start to play and chat together.

View the demo


Why use Distant Family video chat

Distant Family provides a unique and fun way to stay connected with your child while you are apart. As parents, we love to see our kids when we are away. But we also know that kids, being kids, can lose interest sooner than we do. Distant Family helps resolve this by making 2 player games and optional video chat. Put another way: Kids are bored with video chat? Play a game together instead.

Safety Benefits of Distant Family

Distant Family allows you to create a play room with no public features. There is no public lobby, no public rooms or user lists, and no messages or requests from strangers. When a parent creates a room, they verify their child before the room actually opens. Children visiting the site will only be able to access the room created by their parents. Additionally, the room only exists while the distant parent is logged in and has the room open.

Try Out Our Free Family Rooms

For an introductory period, an account with Distant Family is free. With an account, you chat and play games with your kids by creating a room with a name of your choice. Once connected, you can lock their device to your account for easier access next time.

Check out the demo to see the environment without needing an account.