Video chat for families who are
apart from their loved ones.
Safe. Private. Parent controlled.

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  • Parent controlled
  • No public access
  • Full encryption
  • No ads to children


  • Desktop computers
  • Modern browsers
  • Check your browser


  • Video chat
  • Text msg window
  • Play games together
  • Parent-only features
Chrome, Opera. For xOS, use Chrome.
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Why Distant Family Video Chat

Distant Family™ exists because the founder wanted to play online games with his kid but didn't want them going into public game rooms. So why not create a family video chat environment that exists only when the parent is logged in and that is controlled completely by the parent?

How Family Video Chat Works

We connect browsers directly to create a video chat environment that is fully secure. As a parent, you initiate the conversation and send your child a web address. With the guidance of another adult, your child uses that address to access your private room. When they visit your room they can enter a code, or take their picture. You will receive the picture or code to initiate the video chat.

Safety Benefits of Distant Family™

Distant Family™ allows you to create a video chat room with no public features. There is no public lobby, no room/user lists, and no messages or requests from strangers. When a parent creates a room, they verify their child before the chat actually opens. Children visiting site will only be able to access the chat created by their parent.

Try Out Our Free Family Chats

You probably want to try it out. The demo page shows you what the chat room looks like and the currently available activities. You can view this without having a chat partner. If you have a family member to chat with, open a real room.

A subscription allows you to reserve a room name for easier accessibility for your family.

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